In my professional life, that is my life before I have embarked on an academic career, I have worked in different industries: construction,  elevators, valves and furniture fittings.

And although these industries are quite different in many respects, there is one thing they have in common: The existence of a professional magazine with the title “<insert industry here> world.”

Here is an examplary cover of the magazine construction world, a magazine which is indispensable for the sophisticated civil engineer or architect.

0571And here we have the elevator world magazine which is cherished by mechanical and electrical engineers in employment at the Schindlers, Otis, Thyssen, Kone and Mitsubishis of this world.


And the same is true for the valve industry, although I suspect that the potential target group of readers is getting smaller and smaller.


Indeed, for the professionals in the furniture fitting industry it doesn’t seem worthwhile to publish a specialized magazine so they need to cope with this one here:


However, much to my surprise it seems that there is no magazine called “Logistic World”. At least not known to me or even Google. There is also no “Supply Chain World”. The closest we come to this concept is “Logistikwelt” which is German for “Logistic World”. But honestly, can a journal in German claim that it is  really a “world magazine”? I wonder if this is an indicator for the lack of internationalization in logistics. At least for the lack in logistics writing and publishing.

_.._fachzeitung.com_gfxu_1201185870 (1)

On the other hand I made a surprising discovery today in the rack of another university in Bremen I was visiting. And I would like to say that I am glad that I never worked in asset management and that I didn’t need to travel in English-speaking countries with the most popular German journal in this industry.







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